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Anna Melendez is running for Cuyahoga County Council District 2


On November 30th, 2011 Anna Melendez Declared her candidacy for the Cuyahoga County District 2 office as a member of the Republican Party. The proper paperwork is on file with Court of Common pleas. Anna made the filing deadline with the proper amount of signatures with 12 minutes to spare. She is planning her first meeting for right after the first of the year so check back often for more announcements about her candidacy and views, opinions, ideas and more. Webmaster.


Anna E. Melendez

4465 W. 135st.

Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Home: 216-671-8377


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Anna will work to:


Attract Business Opportunities for Cuyahoga County & Make County Government be more accountable without Corruption!

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