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 Curiosity’s Open Mic &  Karaoke


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 Our Non-Profit Organizations.

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Our Local User’s Speak Out!

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Visit our MallLa Villa Conference & Banquet Centerrobert darby
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Crocs, Inc.
TigerDirect Overstock Blowout: Save hundreds on Laptops, TVs, Video Cards, CPUs and More!
Tiger Deal Slasher! Savings up to 70% OFF!
Become a Cash Explosion Contestant - Enter Here
Classic Loto
The Karaoke Channel
Military Uniform Supply - Military & Tactical Gear

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DD 214 Chronicle Jan / Feb 2012

Give us a call 216-265-9305

Regular events at Curiosity’s Café & Shoppe

Wed Nights….karaoke, 6p to 10p

Friday Nights….Karaoke, 6p-midnight

Saturday Nights...Karaoke, 6p to midnight


Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult while visiting at Curiosity’s

Planning a party…let us help

Darca Johnson DJ’s Designs

216-219-6361 or 216-200-3611

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For Our Veterans

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Dunlap's Country Corner, Jelvis the Puertorican Elvis & Karaoke NightThe Best at the Buckeyenest!
Omaha Steaks Inc.

Jeff DeLeva


Our family lives by 1 rule. You always get what you pay for in life. Simply give your customer every ounce of your heart during the sale and learn to let go of the ones that only care about the bottom line price.  Let us propose this thought to you.  Could you go to the countless companies that undercut us in price and ask them to match or exceed our depth, knowledge, honesty, heart?  Add the human value to the sale and we PROMISE you we are hands down the best overall price in the world.


2014 Immortals...Enjoy

I’m not saying good bye, I’m saying “Cya Later” was totally impromptu..this place is genuine.  I’ll miss you all and I hope to make it back some day soon for a visit.